Curb Appeal

Quick upgrades to help sell faster

Quick upgrades to increase the value of your home

Once you decide to put your home on the market, you already know there are some obvious tasks you’ll need to tackle to prepare. Although for some, the idea of spending money to make upgrades they won’t get a chance to enjoy may seem foolish however investing a little time and money into your home can help you to capitalize on its value.

From inside to outside it’s important to survey every aspect of your home to see what necessary upgrades are needed. Some of the smaller things we tend to overlook like pruning or weeding can seem like nothing to us but to a potential new homeowner, it can be seen as extra hours of unwanted work. So when you’re creating your checklist, don’t ignore the smaller tasks because they can make a big difference in a buyer’s attitude towards your home.

Many homeowners fear the money they’ll need to sink into upgrades to increase the value and appeal of their home. A few hundred dollars invested in small upgrades can mean thousands of dollars more on the sale. So what repairs and upgrades can you do quickly and cost effectively to improve the value of your home?

So while spring is the best time for most homeowners to consider selling, it also means there’s a lot of inventory on the market and that means increased competition for you. You’ll want to make sure you home is cleaned up, spruced up and ready to show at its best.

  1. The front door is an important feature so it’s important not to overlook it. Old doors should be replaced or cleaned up and given a new coat of paint. Make sure the doorbell is working and fixtures and accessories such as doorknobs are polished or updated.
  2. Brighten and update the interior entrance with a quick coat of paint and a new lighting fixture. The cost is very little but the effect will be worth every penny.
  3. Clean walls that are in good shape and give drab or dirtied and stained walls a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint. This is a cheap and quick upgrade that can make a dreary room appear bright and spacious.
  4. Add charm, warmth and value to your home with the addition of crown mouldings. Transform a simple room into an elegant space with this simple upgrade.
  5. Create the illusion of more space by knocking out a non-structural wall, removing a large bookcase or even a kitchen island. This will open up the room and create a better sense of flow in the house.
  6. It’s not necessary to rip out an entire floor if you have a few scratches or cracks but it is important to improve their appearance by refinishing scratched wood floors for a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Tile floors should be checked for damage and any chipped or scratched tiles should be replaced.
  7. Give your kitchen a quick and inexpensive make over by updating old appliances or give existing appliances a face lift with stainless steel stick on panels. You can also apply a coat of appliance paint to immediately upgrade their appearance.
  8. Dark, dingy or damaged kitchen cabinets can make a kitchen feel gloomy and uninspiring. Give cabinets a fresh coat of light paint and your kitchen will immediately appear more cheerful.
  9. Kitchen accessories like faucets, cupboard door handles and light fixtures are cheap to replace and can change the entire look of the room.
  10. Bathrooms are a key area for buyers so give the tub a fresh bead of caulk and replace old sinks with pedestal sinks. Remove mirrors that are rusted or foggy and remove frosted glass. Leaky faucets should be replaced and new hardware will update the look of the bathroom at little cost.

Simple upgrades can be done quickly and fairly inexpensively. The extra elbow grease and attention to detail however can be an important factor in a buyer’s decision. What you’ll have spent to make your house more welcoming and enticing to a buyer, you’ll quickly recoup in the sale price on your home.